Back to Black – Nikki and Cristi Cesar

Back to Black is a series of portraits that are shot in color with a digital camera and converted to black and white in Lightroom. These pictures are lit with an off-camera flash or two. Despite the small production that accompanies the session, these pictures are meant to show the subjects in a quiet and natural light. Allowing them to be in their element, so there should be no doubt that the people in the picture are who it is all about.

Essentially, my hope is that these pictures best represent the people in front of the camera, but should still leave room for awe and admiration when you meet them in person.


4 thoughts on “Back to Black – Nikki and Cristi Cesar

    1. Thank you, P’re. It’s always a wonderful thing when you set the scene up for your subjects and they find a way to not only give you what you need, but how they’re able to make it their own in the process.


    1. Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Mr. Kelby. I process my pictures in Lightroom and when it comes to retouching I tend to err on the side of doing less. I am continuing to find a balance that would present my subjects in a flattering light, yet also stay consistent to my visual style. Work on it, I will. 🙂


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