Conversations with a Photographer


A number of people I shoot and/or work with often ask – Do you always take pictures of your wife?

I would usually reply something along the lines of  “Not really”. And most of them would be surprised by this response. I would try to follow this up with an explanation, but most of those who ask generally don’t get why I would make pictures of other people for a living, but not take every chance to shoot portraits of my own wife. I thought a written response would make better sense, hence this post.

Photography is a profession that I am passionately pursuing. However, at the end of the day, it’s just that, a profession. My wife is my life. The time that it takes the both of us to prepare for a shoot would be better spent talking over coffee, watching our favorite TV shows, or even just sitting next to each other on the couch after a long and trying day.

You see as much as I would like to make pictures of my wife for the years that lay ahead. The memories that I keep of the times that I spend with her are more vivid and precious than any image files saved on a memory card.


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