Back to Black – Abegail

Back to Black is a series of portraits that are shot in color with a digital camera and converted to black and white in Lightroom. These pictures are lit with an off-camera flash or two. Despite the small production that accompanies the session, these pictures are meant to show the subject in a quiet and natural light. Allowing the individual to be in her element, so there should be no doubt that the person in the picture is who it is all about.

Essentially, my hope is that these pictures best represent the person in front of the camera, but should still leave room for awe and admiration when you meet her in person.


2 thoughts on “Back to Black – Abegail

  1. These are great. They look as “Natural” as can be.
    I’m an afficionado of off camera flash myself, mainly for fill with HSS.

    A photographer once said to me, “All light is available light, where it’s provided by the sun, or you carry it in your pocket…” I agree.


    1. Thanks. I agree with what you said about available light. Whether it’s in the sky or in the bag, if it’s available, I’m using it. I use manual non-TTL flashes, so HSS isn’t an option, but I’d like to add that to my repertoire one of these days if the budget allows. 🙂


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