The Best Camera Is…


If you’re a serious photographer, then you already probably know how the title of this post ends. It’s a quote that’s commonly attributed to Chase Jarvis and it goes – “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

I was able to experience this truth firsthand when I accompanied my folks buy fish from a small market on the Consolacion end of the Cansaga bridge. I had left my DSLR home that today, so upon seeing the vibrant sunset unfold in front of me, I took out my phone (a local variant of an Android device) and set the camera app settings as best as I could to match the scene. You miss the manual controls of a DSLR, but you can’t make pictures with a camera in a bag at home. I rarely use my phone to make pictures, so I didn’t really expect it to get something remotely usable. I was pleasantly surprised with the results I got.

The picture above is my favorite of the shots I made that day. Once I was satisfied that I had captured the scene, I enjoyed the rest of the time watching the sun sink low beneath the mountains casting fiery reflections on the serene sea below.

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