Watching the World Go By (3)



I rarely shoot events. If there’s one event that I’ve covered more than once, it’s probably the department’s Chemistry Roadshow. It’s essentially a travelling set of experiments and demonstrations that our own undergraduates take to high schools around the city to cultivate in the youth an interest in science, specifically chemistry.

In the picture above, I was on my way to one of the exhibit halls. I saw the scene in front of me and thought that the model skeleton by the time clock and the corridor leading into the rooms made for an interesting composition. I shot a couple of frames and was about to move on when the nun emerged from one of the rooms and headed down the corridor. I waited for her to get farther down and get lit by the afternoon sun spilling from the right.

There’s an unexpected thrill that one feels when you find a scene and have a person enter and animate it. All the more, if you get the shot you envisioned in your mind.


7 thoughts on “Watching the World Go By (3)

    1. Thanks. I’m just glad that she didn’t sense my presence and turned around because the nuns at this particular school were strict. Well, a lot stricter than the average, I suppose. And she wouldn’t have been happy with the juxtaposition.


      1. Point taken.

        Thank you for your wonderful comment on “Rare Occasion”.
        It is very encouraging to know there are people, no matter where in the world, who understand what I endeavored to portray.

        It means a lot to me man.


      2. You’re welcome. I believe wherever one may be a father’s love is universal. I wish you and your family all the best.


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