Marlyn Joy – Red

I grew up in a society where gender roles were clearly defined. Boys were reared into men of a specific mold. Men who were expected not only to be strong and virile, but emotionally-reserved as well. Girls, on the other hand, were tamed to become dainty and doting wives-to-be for the men who would have them.

I would not know  any different until I grew older and became more aware of the chasm of inequality that separated men from women. I have to reprogram and train myself each day to let go of antiquated notions relegating females to the relative safety of the household. And although I am no expert on feminism, I strive to espouse the empowerment of women in my work. I have no grand delusions of initiating a world change, but I aspire to create a spark in my subject, one that will inspire faith in the unbounded potential of life.

This set is only the beginning of a series of portraits that I will undertake to bring my message forth. Here Red Riding Hood IS the lithe hunter more than capable of protecting herself from a voracious wolf.

A damsel who deals with stress, and not wait in distress.


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