Stephane – Parola

The peril of shooting outdoor environmental portraits is that there will always be that element of unpredictability. You can prepare as best as you can, but when you’re on location there will always be at least one thing that will jump up at you unexpectedly; whether it’s the constant threat of rain, a fickle sun or voracious mosquitoes.

On this particular shoot, we had to contend with fast approaching rain clouds. We could hear the distant roll of thunder with every few shutter clicks. Ambient light also played the role of diva; it was dramatic one moment and completely blah the next. And this is where I believe a small  flash triggered off camera can give you options in exposing for a scene.

We finished as the first few rain drops started to fall. On our way to the car, we chanced upon a photographer with his whole team in tow still about to start shooting pre-nuptial portraits. I guess we did have one thing work for us — we got there early.


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