Borrowing Light

I was a guest with a camera at a friend’s wedding. I wasn’t there to photograph it in any professional capacity. Not wanting to disrupt the official photographers as they went about their business, I was content to shoot the occasional candid from the sidelines. I decided to shoot with a 40 mm prime lens and without flash, so I didn’t have to bring a bulky bag to the occasion.

At some point in the ceremony, however, I was aching for a pop of flash. The midafternoon sun was streaming in from the back of the altar, and this meant that I had to overexpose the background just to get a properly exposed shot of the couple. I was about to regret packing light-er than usual when I realized that I could borrow the video light.

The continuous light source was powerful enough to light the couple, which allowed me to use the sunlight streaming in from the back of the altar as a rim light. Being essentially a big wide open space, the light bouncing all around the interior of the church provided a nice even fill. I could even underexpose ambient a bit by using a fast shutter speed to create more contrast between the subject and the background.

I guess this reaffirms my being an available light photographer. If it’s available, I’ll use it. And before I forget, here’s the picture I was talking about.



2 thoughts on “Borrowing Light

  1. It reminds me of your numerous shots during roadshows, where you used Denis’ light as the key. 🙂

    Quick thought, P’re. You do know your stuff.


    1. Thanks, P’re. I nearly forgot about that. The main difference between the two occasions is that in this one there was an abundance of light, as opposed to barely none during roadshows.


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