Joanne – Pin-up Summer Style

This adventure of a shoot nearly didn’t happen. There were so many things that didn’t go as planned.

First, the initial location (a resort in Danao) did not look anything like the pictures on their website. Note to self: Do not trust dated website images.

Second, the alternate location was a good two-hour drive from where we were.

Third, it was close to 7 pm when we finally got around to finding the place, only to find out that we had mistakenly reserved rooms in their hotel (in Cebu City) and not in their resort which we were at and over 100 kilometers away. But, they still had rooms to spare. Okay, we got a break there.

After eating our takeout dinner, we went down to the beach front to survey the area. I couldn’t really make out much in the dark. I just decided to wake up early and survey the place in the morning.

I woke up to a pleasant sight in the morning. I found a number of good spots that I could use. The sun was out and both the water and the skies were clear. We were able to eat a hearty meal (thanks to the local fisher folk who gave us a good deal on shells) and bathe in the cool sea after the shoot. And of course, we got to make the pictures you see above.

This whole experience has taught me not to let bad starts prevent you from going on a journey. I believe the bad just makes the good taste even sweeter.


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