Rekindling Old Flames

At one point in my life, I fell madly in love with science. This event was the catalyst that initiated my tumultuous relationship with chemistry. Unfortunately, like any heated affair, it all but consumed itself.

You do what you can to keep the flame alive, but it unfortunately peters out over time. I have been teaching general chemistry to university students for over 10 years now, but I must admit that the love just isn’t quite the same. Thankfully, I am now mature enough to realize when a good thing has to come to an end, so I decided that she and I are better off as friends.

However, there are just times when the memories creep up on you and you suddenly find yourself waxing nostalgic. Since I have committed to making pictures for a new laboratory book that our department is intent on publishing soon, I catch glimpses of what made me fall in love with chemistry in the first place. Photography has made me see this once turbulent relationship through a… kinder lens.


Is there a chance for a rekindling of this past romance?

Well, not in the foreseeable future. This is no fairy tale after all. But it’s nice to know that we can hang out every now and then without rehashing old fights.

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