Rachel – Volley-belle II

In part I of this set, I realized the merits of being present and rising to the challenge of making the most out of less than optimal conditions.

As the shoot wore on, I also learned that this applied to gear as well. At one point, I had two hot shoe flashes (Yong Nuo 560’s)  clamped onto a single light stand, both firing at full power through a white shoot through umbrella. I knew all too well that I couldn’t overpower the sun, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to use everything I had to make the shot. The seconds-long recycle from a full power pop gave Rachel time to rest in between shots, so that definitely worked in our favor.

I could have wished for an ND filter, a powerful studio strobe, a battery pack and a gigantic diffusion screen being held up by a team of assistants to make my life a whole lot easier; but that’s wishful thinking.

And wishful thinking does not make pictures.


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