Stephane – Color and Motion II

The graceful and statuesque Stephane gamely posed in her bare feet despite the fact that we were not really certain about what lay beneath the leaves that carpeted the forest floor. Unfortunately, we found out at some point that were a few rocks underfoot as I asked her to attempt a couple of prancing shots and she stepped on one. I was afraid that she had injured herself, but upon coming to her aid she assured us that she was fine and would like to proceed. I was in awe of her fortitude, and became even more determined to create wonderful pictures that captured her brave spirit.

I am very blessed to have more and more people come out to support me in the pursuit of my dream. Before, I would awkwardly shy away from their offers, but lately it has given me a renewed belief in myself.

And this I believe is one of the greatest intangible gains that I have received from photography.


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