What’s your element?


It’s something that I often ask my students as the semester winds down. I thought I’d pose it here just to see the kind of responses I would get.

Which of the chemical elements best describes you as a person?

I personally gravitate towards the semi-metal, silicon.

2 thoughts on “What’s your element?

  1. I suspect my primary element to be water because it is what I mostly am as I live, but when I ‘Cross the Rubicon’ and am rendered down to that which cannot be evaporated, I will be carbon, calcium and a few atoms of every other element in the universe. We are the stuff of stars. In another few billions of years, universal entropy will take even that.


    1. ‘We are the stuff of stars.’ — What a wonderful insight. And I do agree that we are made of the same rudimentary atoms as those that are found in stars.


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