One-light Special

I have talked about why I chose to use hot shoe flashes in a previous post. I got to appreciate their value more while I was doing my recent series of 15-minute portraits, which I have talked about  before here. When one has limited time, little control over the location and the kind of light you’ll be getting, introducing a constant into all these variables dials the pucker factor down a notch.

In fact, just having one light can be a godsend. Here are some things one can do with a single hot shoe flash triggered off-camera:

► Highlight background texture and create a silhouette at the same time.


► Light your subjects while keeping a pleasing balance with ambient light (also keeps highlights in the background from losing too much detail).


► (Grid)Spot light the primary focus of your image — your subject.


I feel a part two to this post percolating…


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