Photographer’s Pick (2) – The 15-min Portrait Project

I have recently embarked on a mini-project on my Facebook page – The 15-min Portrait. Borrowing what I wrote down in the album description, here’s what it’s all about —

Fifteen minutes may not seem like much time, but when one is shooting portraits it can seem to stretch out for an eternity. The pictures in this album document the challenge of making the most out of a not-necessarily-exotic location, a willing subject, an off-camera flash (or two), and limited time to make a dramatic portrait.

This post features a second offering of my personal selections from this photo project.

I strictly adhere to the practice of just having one voice direct a portrait shoot and that is of the photographer’s. I find that when too many voices chime in on what pose or expression looks best that chaos soon ensues. However, if the subject approaches me with a great suggestion in between shots then I’m all for trying it out. 

Can I cover one of my eyes? 

Sure, why not.


I guess it’s clear now that I have this weird affinity for hoods. I wonder why…


More to come…

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