Photographer’s Pick – The 15-min Portrait Project

I have recently embarked on a mini-project on my Facebook page – The 15-min Portrait. Borrowing what I wrote down in the album description, here’s what it’s all about —

Fifteen minutes may not seem like much time, but when one is shooting portraits it can seem to stretch out for an eternity. The pictures in this album document the challenge of making the most out of a not-necessarily-exotic location, a willing subject, an off-camera flash (or two), and limited time to make a dramatic portrait.

This post features an initial sampling of my personal selections from some of the recently concluded short photo sessions.

If asked to choose between beauty and character (when one can’t have both) in a portrait, I have a bias towards the latter. In the shot below, I preserved most of the textures (from the subject’s skin to the blackboard behind him) while working on the picture in post. I find that these details lend the image a certain je ne sais quoi and a beauty all its own.


Okay, the next shot is more of a proof-of-concept exercise and less of a portrait. Once I have my shot, I always make it a point to entertain some of my insane less conventional ideas, no matter how strange they may seem at that time.

Because there are just times when taking the risk pays off.


More to come…

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