Diving into the BTS Pool – 002

I started a new album on my Facebook page entitled the BTS (Behind The Shoot) Pool. The premise is to select pictures that I consider to be well-executed examples of the use of off-camera flash to create dramatic portraits. If an image reaches 10 likes within a day of being posted, I will write a BTS post here detailing what I did in terms of camera settings and lighting to get the shot.

This is the first image to get the requisite number of likes, hence this post. To keep things brief, I will be posting only the picture with the shot details overlaid on the image. The text boxes describing the settings for each flash are placed strategically to approximate their position in the frame.

I am hoping that a shorter post will encourage interested readers to ask questions in the comments, which I will gladly answer. With that being said, here’s the behind-the-shot image.



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