The Intimate Portrait

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In a prior blog post, I wrote about the portrait as a gift. Over the holiday break I revisited this idea and decided to make it a seasonal offering. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I would like to seize the opportunity to present a special type of portrait package to the more mature and enlightened woman — the intimate portrait session.

The intimate portrait session, as the name implies, puts the subject in a private and personal space where she can be comfortable in her own skin. The kind of pictures from such a session can range from tasteful glamour (as shown above) to artistic nudes (as can be seen in the post referenced above). The whole session and the images produced are of course private (something that I talked about and put a premium on in another post). During the session, I will only employ two female assistants; mainly for makeup, styling, and help in making adjustments to poses and such. The use of the images produced from the session is entirely up to the client. She can decide to keep them for her personal collection, share them with a significant other (or her closest friends), and even have a large print made for display as an art piece in her own home. I will never use any of the images for promotion or inclusion into my portfolio (whether online or in print) without the expressed consent of the person involved.

When I presented this idea to a couple of close friends, one of them asked — Who would want to avail of such an offer?

I will admit that nudity (seemingly in almost any context) is still ‘frowned upon’ by most people in my part of the world, but I do believe that there is a niche for it. Whether you want to immortalize how you look at a specific time in your life (especially in your prime), reward yourself for having achieved the body you’ve been working on whether by losing or gaining weight, or you want to have something to remind you of your body before it is permanently altered (ex. before undergoing a mastectomy).

It would truly be something if I could at least alter the general perception about nudity in art, but that’s not my primary goal. My intention is to create beautiful and empowering images of the subject who commissioned them. In maintaining an artistic and tasteful aesthetic in making such private and revealing pictures I adhere to this principle —

The woman is the subject of the photograph and not its object.


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