Do You Edit Your Photos?

I get asked this question a lot. My short answer would be yes, but this somehow spawns even more questions that lead to a lengthy discussion that easily loses track of the original subject. Which is why when I came across this very helpful article on, I thought I would share it with the photographers and all manner of creatives that come across my blog to help us deal with this loaded question.

I’m a ‘Typical Photographer’ and This Is How Much I Post Process.

My take is that great images can come from even the most mundane of photographs at the hands of an expert image editor. I have always maintained that post-processing is a separate but equally-important skill as photography. Only very few people are truly blessed enough to be skilled at both. The rest of us will have to scrape by on the resources and time that we have and choose just one, so I chose to focus on becoming a better photographer. With that being said, I still do work on my pictures in post. I do mostly basic adjustments (WB, tone, clarity, sharpening) on my pictures as you can see from the example below, but that’s about it.


What’s your take on the subject? When working on an image at what point do you say that it’s finished?


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