The Road Before Me


The past year definitely had its share of downs, but all in all I would still call it a good year.

Personally there were some struggles (there still are), but I have come to accept many things about myself — hard-to-swallow truths that needed to stay down if I was ever going to grow as a person.

Photography-wise, I learned a lot. I tried a couple of new things and succeeded with some of them. Not all of my plans fell through, but the fact that I had plans was already a win for me. Creatively, I affirmed and started to love my own visual style. Back in high school when I ‘sang’ in a band with a bunch of good friends, I believed in finding my own voice first before I started covering other people’s songs. I still stand by that ideal today in any creative endeavor.

If there’s one New Year’s resolution that I need to keep is that I should believe in myself a little more and doubt people who have been there for me from the get-go a lot less. There is uncertainty in the road ahead, but there’s also hope. And I will tread on for the latter.

A happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May we all have a better year ahead.


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