What to Get the Photographer in Your Life for Christmas (for under P 500)

J Centre Mall Christmas Tree

With the ubiquity of cameras nowadays, I’m sure most people will have at least one photographer on their Christmas list. Being a more specific kind of animal, the photographer in your life will appreciate a more-thought out gift over a mug generic one. A lot of people will probably say that its difficult buying a gift for someone whose interests they don’t necessarily share, so hopefully I can make their life (and mine) a lot easier by posting this list.


The Photographer’s Gift Guide (P 500-and-under version)

Before we start, please note that the items mentioned here are largely available in any of the local camera stores but price and availability may vary. The prices listed here are taken from the Macy’s Camera Shop, which I frequent for their convenient proximity to my location, reasonable prices, and wonderful customer service. And no, this is not a paid advertisement.


Battery case (P 50/each)Whether for a hot shoe flash or an LED lamp, a photographer will have to contend with a LOT of batteries (specifically the AA type). I find this plastic case keeps them all together and prevents them from disappearing into the black hole that is my camera bag.


Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (P 120)This JJC microfiber cleaning cloth will come in handy for wiping off oil, dust, and grime off an LCD screen or even the front glass element of a lens. There are other varieties of cleaning cloths available at the supermarket, but this was specifically designed with the camera in mind so you can be sure that they will not leave lint or scratches. And if you wear glasses like I do, you’ll have something to clear up the pair you have on as well.


Air Blower (P 200).  This is a godsend for removing specks of dust off your camera, especially useful for cleaning those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. And it’s not just for the camera, I use one to clean the grit that gets into and in between the keys of my keyboard as well.


Rain Cover (P 350). The Rainsleeve from OP/TECH USA essentially keeps your camera dry even in a mild downpour. This is the perfect gift for your fearless or clumsy photographer (or both). I know you’re probably thinking – why would someone pay this much for a tailored piece of plastic? Well, if you think about it, P 350 is a small price to pay for saving you from the hair pulling you’ll be doing when your camera (which on average, costs about 80 times more than this item) gets drenched in the rain.


Flash Dome Diffuser (P 400)One could argue that it’s another overpriced piece of plastic. On some level, it is. But in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, it ‘elevates’ your pictures from mugshot to within a spitting distance of headshot-quality. Well, depends on how far you can spit, but at least you won’t look like a drunk panda.


White Shoot-through Umbrella (P 500). For your budding strobist, this umbrella is a must-have lighting modifier. It’s not only portable, but it adds a large and diffuse light source to his lighting arsenal. Of course, the strobe, the light stand, and the umbrella swivel with the hot shoe flash adapter are separate purchases altogether.

Please follow this series of posts because next I’ll be featuring gift suggestions for the photographer in your life that you really like.

*A Disclaimer of Sorts – All of the products shown here hold registered trademarks under their respective manufacturing companies. The pictures shown were obtained from the Facebook page of Macy’s Camera Shop and are just reposted here for the purpose of this blog post. The author does not intend to infringe on the copyright of any of the aforementioned companies.


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