Dance Even When No One’s Watching

I am a relative newcomer to photography, even more so to the business end of things. I have come to realize that the work I produce is more of an acquired taste (come to think of it, I am an acquired taste). There are days when I feel that I am doing good work, but no one seems to be watching. I know on a personal level that I should be happy if I am able to make pictures that I like (especially if I am working on my own projects). But there are just certain days when I wish for some form of affirmation (or at the very least some honest feedback) that I am not delusional when I assess my own work as being good.

For someone who suffers bouts of depression every so often, these days are particularly difficult. During times like these, I remind myself of the message by Ira Glass quoted above. It doesn’t make the road ahead shorter or less arduous, but it gives me hope and the strength to push on.

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